Ocean Jewel™ Beer Battered Haddock is a premium white fish, lightly dusted and coated in our classic beer batter, a timeless addition to any menu.
Ocean Jewel™ Scallops St. Jacques has a mild, cheesy flavour, and is presented in a natural seashell for an exciting plate presentation. Bring the seaside to your table!
Ocean Jewel™ Breaded Crab Cakes are handmade using high quality Blue Swimming Crab. Can be served on a bun, as an appetizer, or as a meal. Bring the seaside to your table!
Ocean Jewel™ Chesapeake Crab Mix is ready to cook and made from hand picked Blue Swimming Crab. Great for stuffing fish and shellfish, mushrooms, topping steaks, and more. Bring the seaside to your table!
Ocean Jewel™ Breaded Crawfish Cakes are made with bayou crawfish sourced within the USA. Great for appetizers, seafood specials, or kid’s meal. Bring the seaside to your table!
Ocean Jewel™ Clams Casino is a colourful and delicious way to add seaside fun to your menu. Made with chopped clams, breadcrumbs, red peppers, green onions, and smoky bacon flavour, this item is perfect for buffets, seafood platters, bar snacks, surf ‘n turf, and more!
Our Tempura Shrimp is made from the highest quality Pacific white shrimp and hand-dipped in an authentic tempura-style batter. Simply cook from frozen to make an attractive and tasty menu item that’s sure to be a hit. Perfect to serve as an appetizer with a signature dipping sauce, or on top of an Asian-inspired salad entrée.
Add something special to your menu! Long considered a culinary delicacy, Skrei® is a premium cod only available for a few short months each year. Skrei® (pronounced skray), is caught from January to April, during its migration from the Barents Sea to the northern Norwegian coast. The cooked meat is very white and flaky with a delicate flavour. Prepare Skrei® the same way as you would any cod or premium whitefish.
Calamari is the #1 appetizer in North America. Made from premium quality Loligo squid, these calamari rings and tentacles are lightly dusted with flour and have a “made in-house” appearance. Quick and easy to prepare, these calamari rings and tentacles go from freezer to plate in two minutes! With its high-perceived value, add this high profit protein to your menu. Product of the USA.
Anova’s Seared Ahi Tuna is a convenient and tasty addition to the menu. Perfect for caterers, food service venues and operators, this quality tuna is seasoned, sliced and ready to serve. Available in convenient 3 oz vacuum packed portions, this healthy protein option is great for appetizers and entrées.
Wild-caught in the cold waters of the North Atlantic, these high quality fillets are a convenient and cost effective addition to your menu. Already coated in a tasty batter that looks and tastes as if it was “made from scratch”, Ocean Jewel makes it easy to serve the ever-popular classic fish and chips. Just deep-fry from frozen.
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