Smoked Fish
Smoking fish was first used as a preservation method. Today this traditional cost-effective staple is regaining popularity by way of its unique taste attained through the smoking process. Smoked fish is flavourful and packed with protein and a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. At Ocean Jewel, we offer a selection of kippers, mackerel and haddock. Try smoked fish in salads, pâtés and even dips.
• Good source of omega-3s • Good source of protein
• Shelf-stable • Easy to store
• Year-round availability • Cost-effective choice and consistent supply

Aberdonian, Scotland        
Boned Kipper Fillets SF00298 20 x 200 g pouch 4 kg 30059371400866
Kipper Fillets with Butter SF00299 20 x 200 g boxed 4 kg 30059371400859
Scotch Smoked Kippers SF00300 12 x 335 g pouch 4 kg 30059371400842
Scottish Smoked Haddock SF00232 20 x 200 g boxed 4 kg 30059371400903
Peppered Mackerel Fillets SF00407 20 x 200 g pouch 4 kg 30059371400880

Smoked Fish

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