Salmon - Smoked
Smoked salmon is a convenient and delectable addition to any chef’s line-up. Cold-smoked salmon has a moist and silky texture, while the hot-smoked salmon is more firm and flaky. The rich, savoury flavour elevates any recipe from breakfast through to cocktail hour and dinner. A versatile ingredient, add it to scrambled or poached eggs, sandwiches, salads or pasta. Create delicious and elegant appetizers and entrées that are sure to please.
• Size consistency • Control portion sizes and manage costs
• 100% yield • Control food costs and less waste
• Year-round availability • Consistent quality and pricing

Atkins & Frères, Canada        
Cold Atlantic Salmon
Smoked Slices, 70 g
Vac Pac
SF04221 10333739000698
Cold Atlantic Salmon
Smoked Slices, 1 kg
Vac Pac
SF04222 10333739000124
Hot Atlantic Salmon
Smoked, 1.2 - 1.5 kg
Vac Pac
SF04223 10333739001794
Maple Syrup Smoked
Salmon Bites, 10 - 15 g
Vac Pac
SF04224 10333739001602

Salmon - Smoked
Cold Atlantic Salmon Smoked Slices
Atlantic salmon, salt, maple wood smoke.
Hot Atlantic Salmon Smoked
Atlantic salmon, salt, sugar, maple wood smoke.
Maple Syrup Smoked Salmon Bites
Atlantic salmon, brown sugar, maple syrup, salt, sugar, maple wood smoke.

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